Spiritual Self Healing

Self Healing is something that many with energy healing certifications learn to do…. but it is not exclusive to them. We are all connected and surrounded by the Universal Flow of energy. It is part of each and everyone of us and we can all access it. Practitioners of energy healing techniques have gone through learning and attunement processes to raise their energy and allow for a large flow so that they can help bring healing to others without using their own personal stores of energy.

Self healing is a wonderful way to begin your day. It helps you to achieve your centre, to feel balanced and able to take on your day. By Self Healing regularly you promote a positive mind-frame, reduce reaction-based action and connect to the Universe on a higher level.  This technique can be done morning and night or just in the morning to start your day, before or after meditation, explore and practice to see what best fits you.

We will be utilizing affirmations to help you achieve connection and inner balance. Affirmations can be said in sets of three’s ( three is a very powerful number) or repeated until you feel they are one with your mind-body and spirit….you may feel an increased sensation of inner peace when they have fully integrated or feel a subtle change in the rhythm of your words.

To begin:

Take several deep breaths in and out, visualize the breath coming into your solar plexus and exhale releasing thoughts and physical tensions. Each time you breath in you feel more centred in your body and each time you exhale you release more of the tensions mentally and physically.

Feeling the Vortex:

Take your hands and hold your respective sole of your foot ( right hand to right foot etc).  Pay attention to your body, to your natural rhythms… you will begin to feel a natural energy flow with its focal point at your solar plexus. Feel that energy flow around you, becoming stronger as you remain focused on it.

Once you have established connection to your natural flow say:

” My Energy flows from my feet, to my hands, through my heart and my head. I am aware and connected to my Higher Mind and the Universal Light.”

Communication Activation Part 1:

Place your middle fingers one on the front of your throat, the other at the back of your throat in the centre ( throat chakra). Being aware of your communication centre.

Affirm to Yourself:

” I give over my communications to my Higher Self, so that I can communicate in truth within myself and to others”

Communication Activation Part 2:

Place your thumbs on your ears and your middle fingers over you eye lids

Affirm to Yourself:

” The Vibrations of the Universe work through me and connect me as One with the Creative and Truthful vibrations of the Universe”

Pulse Activation:

Use your middle and ringer fingers to find your pulse at your wrist. Sit with the natural flow and rhythm your body is producing. Once you are completely in tune with the flow Affirm to yourself:

” The pulse of my body, the pulse of the Earth, the pulse of the Universe act as one. I am connected to the natural Rhythm of Mother Earth, the Universe and everything else therein.”

Third Eye Activation

Using your middle fingers again place one at the centre of your forehead and place the other mirrored at the back of the head.  Feel your Intuition expand as you focus on this centre.

Affirm to yourself:

” My conscious self is aware and open to receive guidance and information from my Higher Self, Guides, and the Universal Light.”

Removing Blockages:

With your hands held palm to your physical body ” brush” them down to the floor ( like you are brushing off some dirt).

Affirm to yourself:

” I release and remove all that is not energetically, karmically mine. I release all energies not working for my Highest Good and send them to be buried and reborn for their Highest Good in the Universal Cycle.”

Heart Activation Part 1:

Place your hands on prayer position at the level of your heart. Point your thumbs towards your heart centre and allow them to gently touch there.  Feel the warm gentle energies of your heart.

Affirm to Yourself

” I am connected through my heart to the never ending supply of Love from the Universe. Love fills me with inner peace and joy that radiates through me and touches others. I am a beacon of Inner Light and Love.”

Heart Activation Part 2:

Open your hands so that the palms face up towards the sky and affirm to yourself:

” I am open to receive the gifts of the day. I am an open channel that allows the bounty, love and joy of the Universe to flow through me, my life and into the lives of others.”

To End:

Sit a few moments after this final affirmation. Focus on yourself, allow yourself to feel the inner shift towards balance, peace, love and natural abundance. When you are ready you can begin your meditation or begin/end your day.

I hope that you enjoy this exercise and please feel free to comment with your experiences. I love to hear feedback on all of my Energy Healing programs!!






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